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CCNU Approved Constructing National Education Big Data Engineering Lab

Revision:Hu ZhaoxinDate:2017/06/01


Recently, National Development and Reform Commission officially approved the plan for Central China Normal University to lead the construction of a national big data engineering laboratory for education in cooperation with Zhejiang University, Inspur Software, Tianyu Information, Wisedu, Education Management Information Center and National Center for Educational Technology. The lab will be the first national engineering laboratory of CCNU.



The construction period for the national education big data engineering lab is three years. The aim of the lab is to be a leading and internationally excellent platform in the fields of theoretical study, engineering experiment, educational administration and professional personnel training. It will also play a fundamental role in the revolutionary development of improving educational quality, promoting educational equity and education governance and be of help in the full realization of Chinese educational modernization.



The primary task of the lab is to build a standardized system of education big data, make breakthroughs in the key technologies of education data collection, modelling, analysis and visualization, and create a platform for education big data aggregation and service. The lab will help in the precision, personalization and intelligentization of the development of education, and will be a strong support solving the problems of education management process quality control, student learning and growth management, education and management decision-making capability failure, making it possible to achieve an organic unity between education scale development and individualization. And the high-grade balance and equity of education will be no dream.



The lab will actively develop the industrialization and application demonstration of key tech products, improve the independent innovation capability of education big data application technology, promote the standard making of education big data and key technology breakthrough, accelerate the innovation of education big data applying fundamentals and service model, build an education big data application technology innovation platform, achieve the seamless joint between the lab and the national big data strategy innovation network, improve independent innovation capacity and the international competitive power.



According to Yang Zongkai, President of CCNU, the national education big data engineering laboratory will provide original technology achievements and complete plans for the education industry, promote the in-depth application and industrialization process of big data in the education filed, fasten the process of forming the education big data innovation chain (technology innovation-equipment development- model application-industry promotion). The lab will be a significant base where high-level industrial technology innovation personnel gather and develop. It will also provide strong support to the cultivation and development of the education big data industry ecology of China, and create greater social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefit for the society.



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