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Yangleifeng Holds the Annual General Meeting

Revision:Zhang Yuntong,Xia Jingyan,Sima Wenqian,Akib IrfanDate:2018/10/15

October 12th, the annual general meeting of Yangleifeng International Volunteer Team was held in Classroom 308, Chinese Teaching Building.

English Press Corps was invited to join the meeting to introduce our team to the Yangleifeng members for better cooperation. 

Yangleifeng Volunteer team is so famous that most of the international students in CCNU know about it, it was on the CCTV program, and is almost everywhere in Wuhan. Wherever help is needed, they’ll be there.

“Yangleifeng” is a volunteer team consisting of the international students from CCNU, with the faith of “Helping others to enjoy yourself”. After interviewed by CCTV, the Yangleifeng Volunteer Team stepped into the limelight and it was rated as one of demonstration teams in 2017 at the Wuhan city level.

Nigerian student Adam Musa had taught in Chunmiao ("sprout in spring" in Chinese) Primary School for the migrant workers' children in Wuhan for many years. His experience attracted more and more international students in CCNU to provide volunteer teaching. Since then, the Yangleifeng Volunteer Team came into being, 43 international students were the first batch of members.

After Patrick became the new leader, Yangleifeng Volunteer Team now has more than 100 registered members who hail from over 50 countries around the world. They regularly start public programs and provide volunteer services as long as they can, including volunteering teaching, visiting the lonely seniors and orphans, interpreting and participating in the green activities etc.

The general meeting began at 5:30 pm. First, Chen Nan, Director of International Student Office, gave opening remarks. After Sadi Makangila Patrick, leader of Yangleifeng, introduced the basic structure of their team’s voluntary system, director of each part showed their regular activities one by one. English Program was mainly held in Lidaohuayuan Primary School, Chunmiao Kindergarten and online. They also introduced these following programs: Chinese Teaching, Subway & Environment, Blood Donation, Hospital & Emergencies and Sports & Leisure.

Yuan Gaoping from China Railway Wuhan Group Co. is in charge of contacting Yangleifeng when Wuhan railway stations need help. He was invited to give a speech on this meeting. Mr. Yuan said, “All these years, I have seen you grow up and I have very close relationship with your team. The service in the train station mainly happened in Chinese New Year. And when you were there, your passion not only affected people in need, but also inspired our Chinese volunteers. Wherever you go, you did a great job and helped the local unit a lot. In short, CCNU International Students’ Volunteer Team is a great team! You are an inseparable part of our train station now and we really hope that you can come by more often!”

Silva is a girl from Albania, who is studying International Relations in CCNU as a PhD student. She has been in Yangleifeng International Volunteer Team for five years and now she is in charge of voluntary work on sports activities. Here is what she wants to share with us:

Q: What if people are not familiar with your team?

A: First, I will tell them something about Lei Feng. Maybe people are not interested in only giving without taking as our duty requires. I’ll let them know that we won’t get money, but just a smile from a grandma can make us content.

Q: What do you harvest from your volunteer group?

A: It gives me chances to meet many people and practice my Chinese. Helping others also benefit myself, because it makes me feel comfortable and relief from depress of studying and missing my family. When we went to the big activities like Wuhan Marathon, Wuhan Open and so on, I improved myself because I was responsible for many of my Chinese schoolmates and they made me feel good because they trusted me. After I joined this team, my first task was to serve as a guide in a subway station on the Labor Day. Don’t you think it was amazing for a foreigner to show natives the way? Little kids got excited when they saw me and I made fun with them. I stood there for many hours but I just enjoyed myself. I ever taught English in Chunmiao Primary School and I had my first blood donation experience in CCNU.

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