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The International Seminar on Customs and Modern China Held in CCNU

Revision:Xiong Kewei, Cheng XiDate:2019/01/09

On December 15th, the International Forum on Customs and Modern China was held at the lecture hall at Guiyuan Hotel in CCNU. Qin Hong, Vice Chairman of CCNU University Council, Zhu Ying, president of the Institute of Modern Chinese History of CCNU, Takeshi Hamashit,President of  the Academy of Asian Studies of CCNU attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

Qin Hong emphasized that the history of customs development is an epitome of modern Chinese history. He reckoned that the seminar was aimed to look through the history anew and analyze the transition of modern China’s society. Indeed, it was of academic value and practical significance that China integrated into the whole world. Experts and scholars at home and broad were expected to exchange academic viewpoints and share the latest achievements of research, so as to offer suggestions to the research of the history of modern Chinese customs.

Professor Zhu Ying, noted that the study on the history of modern Chinese customs should be deepened based on the previous studies and the research scope should be expanded. In other words, it should be discussed with new historical materials, new methods, and from new perspectives.

Takeshi Hamashita was of the opinion that it was vital to combine with other disciplines and  construct new data of customs in view of deepening the research of history of modern customs.

The head of the School of History and Culture in CCNU presented that recent years had witnessed the development of traditional research fields but also the expansion of new research fields which included the study of customs history. The abundant historical data in Hubei Province would be helpful for the study of customs history, modern history and relevant disciplines.

The seminar, jointly held by the Institute of Modern Chinese History, Academy of Asian Studies, and Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, lasted for two days. Experts and scholars from Xiamen University, Fudan University, Yonsei University and other authorities had in-depth discussion and communication on Customs and Modern China.


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