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Another Breakthrough in Bacteria Made by CCNU

Revision:Hu Qiaoqiao;Xiao YaoDate:2019/09/29

Recently, Dr. Zhu Manlu and Dai Xiongfeng from the Laboratory of Microbial Quantification and Synthetic Biology of the School of Life Sciences of CCNU published a review titled "Bacterial Stress Defense: the Crucial Role of Ribosome Speed" on Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, a journal of biochemistry and molecular biology under Springer Nature. It expounded the significance of ribosome translation speed in bacterial adversity. The School of Life Sciences of CCNU is the only unit of the authors. The research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.

Over the past three years, the team has made a series of important progress in the field of bacterial growth law. The most systematic quantitative research of translational elongation rate of E.coli in history was carried out. A simple and convenient quantitative method of the elongation rate of ribosome translation was established and the suppression mode of high permeation stress on the translation efficiency of bacterial proteins was revealed. On the basis of these works, a theoretical prediction model of the intrinsic relationship between bacterial growth and ribosome synthesis and protein translation efficiency was further predicted. This year, the research team has discovered the global regulating role and other important discoveries. The latest discoveries have revealed the intrinsic mechanism of E.coli to maintain transcription-translation coupling.

Based on these important progresses, Dr. Dai and Dr Zhu elaborated the physiological significance of bacteria to maintain ribosome speed for adversity defense. The also summarized the control mechanism of bacterial ribosome synthesis and ribosome activity and pointed out future research directions in the ribosome field.


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