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Remarkable Progress Made in Application of Green Pesticide

Revision:Qiu Li;Zhang ZihangDate:2021/12/21

Recently, Professor Li Haibing and his team from the Key Laboratory of Pesticide and Chemical Biology (CCNU) have made significant progress in the research of supramolecular amphiphilic complex-based host–guest chemistry. The study was published as the cover story of Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Professor Li Haibing is the corresponding author. 

Improving the spreading ability of droplets on hydrophobic surfaces is of great importance in many applications. The research team utilized dynamic self-assembly and host–guest chemistry to form a functional supramolecular system to increase the spreading of droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces, providing a new strategy for prolonging pesticide retention and reducing pesticide loss.

            (a) Spreading area of different complex droplets on the superhydrophobic surface. (b) Spreading area of droplets with a fluorescent dye added for better visualization.


      As decreasing the dosage and increasing the effectiveness of pesticide is a common issue in the Belt and Road countries, Professor Li’s team has established a cooperative Think Tank Network System with these countries to develop and promote green and efficient chemistry of spread of supramolecular in a bid to promote the international industry-university-research cooperation in the field of green pesticide.

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