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Students in CCNU Win Prizes in the “Challenge Cup”!

Revision:Qiu Li; Chen JiaxinDate:2022/04/27

On April 12th, the 17th “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ extracurricular academic and scientific works competition came to an end.

Teachers and students in CCNU won three second prizes and three third prizes in the main competition and a second prize in the “Special Competition for Spreading Red Spirit”. A new record for the number of awards has been set and CCNU was awarded “Excellent Organization Award”.

Among all the extraordinary works, the following three won the second prize: “Current Status of Public Identification and Future Strategies of Production-consumption Patriotism--A Case Study of Huawei”, “An Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Demographic Change and Access to High-quality Higher Education in China”, and “Governing Core Farmers: The Endogenous Subject and Practical Form of Effective Rural Governance--Based on an In-depth Investigation of Jiushan Village in Southern Jiangxi”.

The competition has come to an end, but CCNUers’ stories of innovation shall continue…

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