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A New Round of “World-class”Discipline Construction Meeting Convened in CCNU

Date:October 20, 2022    Revision:He Yue

On Thursday, October 20, a new round of “world-class” discipline construction meeting was held in CCNU. President Hao Fanghua, the leading group members of “double world-class project” construction and heads of different schools attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Peng Nansheng, the vice president of CCNU.

The leaders of different schools shared their ideas of applying for the “world-class” discipline construction. Heads of functional departments also discussed and exchanged their views at the meeting.

At the meeting, Vice President Peng Nansheng stressed that a well-defined goal should be set to strengthen the overall planning of all resources in the new round of discipline construction. Vice president Xia Lixin added that we should focus on practical needs to shore up our weak spot and strengthen the integration of disciplines when conducting discipline construction. Vice President Peng Shuangjie emphasized the need to utilize all platform resources to coordinate talent training and scientific research.

President Hao Fanghua concluded that discipline construction should play a leading role in promoting interdisciplinary integration so as to encourage more disciplines to strive for “world-class” standards. Additionally, related functional departments should coordinate to provide stable support for the oncoming discipline construction. Moreover, all the staff are obliged to endeavor to build CCNU a world-class university leading in teacher education .