Basic Principles of Marxism

Date:October 4, 2022    Revision:

Basic principles of Marxism have a long historical standing. Since the founding of New China, Central China Normal University has become the centerof Marxism’s research, propagation and education. Political Education Department has fostered undergraduate since 1953, providing personnel for Marxism. Moreover, the department lays solid foundation of Marxist Philosophy, Marxist Political Economy and Scientific Socialism. The three subjects, furthermore, became the first principles to gain the warrant of master degree; Scientific Socialism and Marxist Philosophy gained the warrant of doctor degree. From 1990s, Marxism and Ideological Political Education have developed their own characteristics and drawn attention of Chinese counterparts. Professor Gao Yuan was chosen as member of first State Academic Committee Political counselor; Professor Zhang Yaoyang ever held the post of member of forth State Academic Committee Political counselor. Basic principles of Marxism, as an important component of Marxism and Ideological Political Education, started relatively later: Marxist Education first enrolled master’s studentsat the end of last century; Marxist World View, Value View and Life View enrolled doctors in 2002. CCNU is the primary university to set up the Ideological Political Education, one of the first to receive master and doctoral program of Marxism and Ideological Political Education, one of the first to gain political discipline’s doctoral program(2000) and mobile postdoctoral centers(2003), Marxist doctoral program(2006) and mobile postdoctoral center(2007). Basic principles of Marxism wereauthorized as National Key Discipline in 2007.

This discipline has three main research directions——(1)research on selected readings in classical works of Marxist sociology and basic principles: this area aims to generally comprehend basic principles of Marxism by unscrambling classical works of Marxist sociology.(2)Marxism basic categories and research of scientific system: the study specializes the research of category and system in on order to enrich the storehouse of Marxism and to disclose the logic frame, revolution mystery and theoretical innovation. (3)Research on the law and method of Marxist education: the study about methodologies and techniques of Marxist education is the distinctive one of the three directions. Guided by Marxism, basic principles of Marxism strive to probe into the subject of intellectual. It ever received research projects funded by central government three successive times, gaining relativelygood social evaluation and propelling college ideological and political work. It won the tender of project of philosophy and other social sciences studies——study of colleges and universities’ theoretical ideological and political education teaching assessment system. Adhering to the whole principle stand of Marxism and advancing the study on the subject construction of Marxism and ideological and the reform of political education teaching. The extensive research results of above subjects have significantly exercised influence over domestic counterparts.

The discipline has a full and equitable deployment of research staff, owning 33 professional researchers. Among them, 33 persons are professors; 14 are associate professors; 7 are lecturers and 19 are doctors. The age structure of research personnel has formed trapezoid one of the old, young or middle-aged: 1 teacher is over 61, 12 are between the age of 46 and 55, 13 are from 35 to 45 and 6 are below 35.

From the year 2001 to 2006, the subject published 21 academic writings and 213 academic essays. It has finished 21 forms of academic subjects at all levels and 58 ones are under way. 12 subjects have been awarded, 4 second prizes and 5 third prizes are issued by the provincial government, 3 third prizes are issued by Wuhan government. Among 2007 and 2010, 11 academic writings and 264 academic essays come off the press. It has finished 9 forms of academic subjects at all levels and 36 ones are under way with the funds of more than one million RMB. 8 subjects have been awarded, 5 second prizes and 2 third prizes are issued by the provincial government, 1 third prize is issued by Wuhan government.

The discipline has enrolled Marxist Education doctor students since 2001. These 28 doctors have six grades, till now 7 persons have received doctor's degree. 32 enrolled masters and doctors are taken in. With the authorization as National Key Discipline in 2007, the discipline has enrolled 76 doctors, 8 of which have accomplished the degree and 68 are doctoral students. The 10 doctor's degree gainers have become specialized, meticulous with knowledge and diligent professional intellectual, achieved scholarly attainment and become backbone of many units. Four ways to advance the quality of intellectual: 1. Firm the foundation. It is to form a full educational system of doctors. 2. Widen the field of vision. This method attaches importance to combination of vastness and specialization. 3. Stress to solve the question research. Upholding to integrate theory with practice, this way utilizes Marxist principles and methodologies to carry out research. The accomplished academic dissertation hasbeen allowed to be carried out by quotation and profound interpretation of classical readings. The exposition emphasizes logicality and creativity. 4. Claim authority of cited bibliography. Conscientious verification with original texts is required.

In recent years, the discipline has held three national academic sessions and joined several Marxism first grade conferences. Teachers of the discipline have lectured in Australia, Sweden, South Korea, the United States and so on. Both domestic and overseas distinguished experts and scholars have academic exchange. The discipline has international cooperation projects with British Council of Culture, United Board for Christian Higher Education in the United States, Tokyo University in Japan and American Pacific Rim Education Foundation.